Via QSmart Cloud, we can offer the ability to administer your SMSF and to transact online.

SMSF Administration Solutions

We have two solutions available to financial advisers and their trustees depending on their service level they require:

  • Daily Administration for trustees that want to view their portfolio daily
  • Annual Administration for trustees that want to manage their SMSF once a year

 The SMSF Portfolio can be viewed via the web or a customised app for Android or Apple phones.

Daily Administration Solution

Our daily administration solution fully utilises all that QSmart Cloud have to offer. With our cloud solution, advisers and their trustees are able to access a wide range of features that are provided on a daily basis[1]:

  • Investment Portfolio Reporting
  • Asset Allocation monitoring
  • Member Balance Reporting
  • Document Vault Storage for all your documents
  • Contribution cap and pension minimum reporting
  • Monitoring outstanding tasks for you and your trustee

We will assist trustees with their compliance, statutory and administrative requirements regardless of whether they are in Accumulation or Pension phase, such as:

  • Pension Establishment Minutes and Reviews
  • Daily Contribution cap and pension minimum reporting
  • Daily reporting of assets outside of the fund’s investment strategy
  • Yearly reminders to revalue assets
  • Yearly preparation of actuarial certificates
  • Adhoc preparation of required minutes
  • Preparation and Lodgement of the fund’s ATO Annual return
  • Preparation and Lodgement of all quarterly activity statements as required by the fund
  • Arranging for Audit

Annual Administration Solution

For trustees and advisers that want to manage their SMSF once a year, we can offer an annual administration solution.

Trustees will still have access to QSmart Cloud and all its features. To make it easier for these clients, we have created document checklists that prompt your client to supply various source documents and/or data that are required each year to complete their tax returns.

The data can be uploaded at any time during the year and stored in the Vault, by financial years, ready to access when completing the tax returns. The Vault also acts as a recordkeeping hub so once the data is in the Vault it is stored forever.

Invest and Transact

Through the QSmart Cloud, advisers have the ability to invest and transact online.

Term Deposits Online

QSmart Cloud gives you access to over 20 financial institutions and their deposit rates for various term deposit periods.  By completing one authority you can move funds between term deposits in different financial institutions on-line.  No more paperwork or ID checks when you are chasing the best rates in the market place.

Direct Equities

Through our Australian Financial Services License, QSmart Securities Pty Limited (AFSL 307396) are now able to offer you the ability to buy and sell direct equities and provide you with reporting on your portfolio on QSmart Cloud.

You can also have access to market trading screens like a professional trader via IRESS web platform, which is integrated into the QSmart Cloud.

Direct Property via QReal

QReal allows you and your investors to buy direct residential property online.

This is effected by investing capital into the Trust, which will be loaned to a particular development project. Once the capital investment has been made, investors have a right to take an off-the-plan apartment at a reduced price upon completion of the development.

To find out more information, please visit the website

Portfolio of Warrants

Portfolio of Warrants is a simple way to multiply your Super investment power. Borrowing to invest allows you to gain more market exposure than just using your own funds. With a greater amount invested, you have the potential to accelerate your investment returns and minimise tax within your super fund, allowing you to build long term wealth.

Portfolio of Warrants has a wide range of shares and managed funds available, with full trading flexibility. This is fully integrated into QSmart Cloud, allowing 24/7 access and reporting.



[1] Assets that are data feed compatible with Class Super will be reconciled daily. Any other asset types will be updated on a monthly basis and will incur additional fees.